Discover Archie Foal

Discover Archie Foal

In a recent trip to London, we were able to catch up with Julian and Tessa, founders of our London stockist Archie Foal.

Greeted by Julian and Tessa plus Hector the adorable miniature Dachshund, the store immediately had a premium and inviting atmosphere.

After stocking select lines from our men’s collection

for around 4 months, it was great to

catch up with Co-Founder Julian and find out a more

about his love for quality clothing and the inspiration behind Archie Foal.


When did your love
for luxury fashion begin?

“I would defiantly say
my love for top quality clothing began in Beverley near Hull. I went into a
shop and tried on a Nicole Farhi reefer jacket, and it was the most beautiful
thing I had ever tried on. The luxury, feel and quality of it, was just amazing.
I was probably 17 years old and there was no way I could afford it.”

What was your first

luxury fashion purchase?

“I can’t remember my
first luxury purchase but I can remember the most luxurious thing I owned was a
Ralph Lauren rugby shirt and it was a thing of beauty. I was about 15 and my
friends used to borrow it to go on their first dates.”

What’s you’re A/W 17

season must have?

“The Brocton rucksack
in Wax cotton; it is just the most beautiful bag.”

What inspired you
both to create Archie foal?

“What’s really
inspired Archie Foal is to be an antidote to the smoke mirrors of the fashion
business. Creating the absolutely best of everything with clothes that love,
look good, are durable and wearable.”

Have you got a favourite

place to visit in the UK?

“The Lake District. It
would have to be a place called Little Langdale. We love stopping in a cottage
called High Hallgarth which overlooks Little Langdale. It’s such a beautiful

A lot of what Archie Foal
does is informed by my love for the Yorkshire dales and the Lake District.”

Most listened song of

the moment?

“You know what, The Man
by The Killers. It’s a tune.”

Your style of

everyday carry?

“Every single day.

What does the future
look like for Archie foal?

“The world’s most
renowned, international, luxury casual-wear brand!”

Located in thof Hammersmith and Fulham, Archie Foal can be found on New Kings Road, London.
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