Conscious Craftsmanship

Do you ever look at the item of clothing you are wearing and ask yourself, who made this? Or where was it made?

In a time where the concerning environmental impact of the fashion industry is more prevalent than ever, we want to encourage people to take a conscious outlook on their next purchase.

Did you know…

The fashion industry is said to be the second largest contributor to pollution. 300,000 tons of textile waste is reportedly sent to landfill every year.

After reading these shocking reports about how one truckload of textile waste is put into landfill every second it really made us stop and think about how we can do our bit as a brand. Only two years ago the world was shook by the revelation of the true impact plastic waste has on our marine environment. Today, bloggers or influencers wouldn’t be seen photographed with a plastic straw in their drink. However it seems ironic that wearing the same thing twice is still considered a fashion faux pas for many.

Orsola de Castro from Fashion revolution makes this comparison saying:

“There’s going to be a tipping point where consumers will start seeing this act of hoarding or hauling goods as negative”.

How we are getting involved?

As an independent brand, Thorndale only do small production runs at a time. We are fortunate enough to make all of our bags, from start to finish in our own factory. This means we can efficiently make new products on demand without storing large volumes.

Our latest launch of the Thorndale Workshop allows customers to pre-order our newest products for a limited time offer. Once ordered, their bag will be hand crafted just for them. Resulting in less waste and a sustainable bag made for each customer.

How you can get involved?

Supporting independent brands is a great way to get involved in the movement of reducing textile waste. Skilled craft-work and luxury goods are built to last you, meaning no need for throwaway fashion.

Be a conscious shopper. When you buy from us you are buying a promise. Making all our bags in England means we promise our bags are ethically made. We promise you quality. We promise you sustainability.


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