Amongst the forest and along the stunning southern British Coastlines you will find nomadic photographer Jack Redgate. With a precocious eye for detail his photography is beautifully natural through its soft and earthy tones. We caught up with him to discover more about his talent and passion for capturing the great outdoors.

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm 19 and have lived in Eastbourne UK for almost all my life. Between the ages of four and seven, I lived in Adelaide Australia but decided to come back due to missing our family. I have always been brought up in a very outdoors orientated family that would go out every Sunday without a doubt and explore a new place. Thanks to this I have a passion for the outdoors and wildlife. I aim to eventually raise awareness about what impacts we have on our environment and how we can preserve nature and reduce global warming.

I am currently one year out of college and trying to build a career as a freelance content creator. 

When I'm not out and about adventuring and taking photographs I work in the camera store Jessops in my town's center. Doing this enables me to broaden my knowledge of cameras and use them effectively. As well as this I work for a company called PhotobiteUK which specializes in reviewing cameras and accessories that have recently been released.

Apart from these camera-related hobbies I also like to create my own music and play piano and guitar, often taking inspiration from the outdoors and nature.


What inspired you to get into photography?

When I was eleven I brought my first camera as soon as I saved up enough pocket money and started taking photos from there on. I took a few breaks here and there because I would get extremely demotivated about how bad my work was. About six months into college I met my friend Luke who was also a photographer and he helped me improve and hone in on my photography skills. From then on I was fully hooked and started my Instagram page and received good feedback. Since then I have continuously worked on improving my photography skills and self-teaching myself everything I know, drawing inspiration from other like-minded creators on Instagram. As well as this I have a love for capturing a specific moment in time in a photograph or video clip and me being quite a nostalgic person I always want to capture as many moments as possible.

"Me being quite a nostalgic person I always want to capture as many moments as possible."


What camera do you currently use? 

I currently use the Sony A7S II and Canon G7X II, previously I have owned Nikon and Panasonic cameras. I am also learning how to use 35mm Film as I love the creative looks you can get from this.

You Live by the coastline. How does this influence your style and work?

 I have been extremely lucky to have lived by the seaside all my life even in Australia. Because of this I don't think I would ever be able to move somewhere that was completely landlocked, it has also helped shape my photography style quite a bit because being by the seaside you can get the most outstanding sunsets and stunning weather. It has made me change my styles from dark and moody on a rough sea, overcast day to a light, warm-toned summer haze look. It has definitely put my creative skills to the test because after photographing the same place for almost three years now I feel like I could be outgrowing this type of seascape and I'm in need of a new look.

What upcoming travel plans do you have?

For 2018 I aim to travel to only two places which are Scotland and Iceland. This is because I am currently in the process of saving up enough money from part-time work at Jessops and Photobite for traveling to countries/continents such as Canada, Norway, Faroe Islands, Asia and Africa.

We see you are an ambassador for Awake the soul. This is a great cause, could you tell us a little bit more about this?

With Awake The Soul I became an ambassador because I truly loved what they believed in. Which was that this is a world worth exploring and to just get outside, off your phone and go live your life. As well as this they help out families in developing countries get clean water by donating 10% of every sale to the charity Generosity.org.  This is something I have always wanted to be a part of and I thought this would be the first step in helping out as many people as I can. It is something I hope I can carry out through my travels by volunteering at different shelters for all sorts of people as well as wildlife.

Do you have any bucket list photography locations on your list?

My top five bucket list locations would be; Zermatt Switzerland, Faroe Islands, The Pacific North West, Vietnam and Patagonia.

What is essential when packing your everyday bag?

When packing my everyday bag I always make sure I have my main camera and compact camera if my bag takes both. As well as this I like to make sure the bag I have is waterproof or weather sealed as for where I live it can get very rainy during winter. I also love my bag to be durable as I almost go out every day on a photo shoot or filming shoots so they always get a lot of use so making sure it is comfortable is essential. A few small basic things I pack as well would be my laptop if I am traveling as well as a notepad and pencil so if I have any ideas on the go I can jot them down. 


"This is a world worth exploring - just get outside, off your phone and go live your life."

What are the key things you look for when going on a shoot? 

When going to shoot I tend to already plan a little before. By this, I mean that I will pick what objects/products I can use to feature in my photographs to really grab my audiences attention. I also see if I can add in what I call a 'colour punch' this is when I get a model to wear a piece of clothing that is quite bold but has a matte finish to it. Say I have someone in a tan coloured top and I'm in a forest and I want them to stand out, in editing, I will increase the luminosity of orange and make all other colours like green very neutral so all focus is drawn towards what I want the viewer to see.

Another thing that is considered when I go out to more specifically film, is what time of day it is and where I am shooting. Where I am we can get some amazing natural light during Golden Hour coming through forests as well as hitting the sea so this is very much taken into consideration. Also if I feel like I would like more movement in a photo I will edge more towards the coastline so I can play with the movement of water. But then if I want a wilderness feel to my work I will edge towards the forest.

What key words would you use to describe your work?

Experiencing Life, Wilderness, Adventure


This summer Jack explored the southern British landscapes and with some Key pieces from our collection he was able to put them to the test.
Learning more and more to pack the absolute essentials when travelling but no matter what I choose I'll still be carrying it in style!’

To see more of Jack’s inspiring work, head over to his Instagram, @redgate_production

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