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Armed with a Canon 6d Mark II in one hand and the Ellesmere Cross Body Bag in Graphite wax in the other, Andres Espinoza, better known as Pablo, is on a journey - he’s turning his passion of photography into a dream career.

From the beautiful mountains of Norway to his home city of Stockholm, Pablo is busy capturing life’s many eclectic moments with an increasingly intrinsic eye for detail. His inspiration takes many forms: through travel, music, and of course his partner, Charlotte, all of which can be seen through his Instagram.
Pablo’s Instagram ‘@talesbypablo’ is something to be marvelled at, his page is a reminder of the “beauty in world” (as he puts it himself). It will leave you feeling a little more hopeful amidst today’s chaos, albeit in its early stage, we can’t deny it’s exceeding potential. It’s a gram account worth looking out for and one we were excited to explore.
We’ve had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Pablo, featuring our new arrival of the Ellesmere Cross Body Bag and it’s simple yet stylish design. The waxed leather creates a waterproof finish allowing the Ellesmere to be worn for work, travel or everyday leisure, whatever the weather.
Hand crafted in the UK from the finest British leather we can’t help but praise the new addition to the Thorndale family. Also available in nylon our cross body bag is there for whatever your preference. It’s versatility and practicality has seen the bag travel across the world on the encouraging and inspiring shoulders of Charlotte, Pablo’s muse. This small size bag adds finesse to any look,  with Charlotte effortlessly wearing it an elegant and almost bohemian fashion.
We caught up with him and decided to dig a little deeper into the mind of the man behind the lens:


Pablo photography

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, age, where you’ve lived all your life and what you currently do?
I´m born and raised in Stockholm Sweden (Sweden's capital) and it has been my home for most of my life. However, I would like to live and work in another country for a year or two before I settle down, perspective is usually healthy. My mother is Swedish and my father is from South America, hence the name and my non-Scandinavian complexion. I currently work as an audio engineer.

Is photography your full time job?
Photography is just a hobby at the moment and a fairly new passion of mine. I started taking a lot of photos about a year ago and have slowly been taking it more seriously ever since. It was an instant crush, I fell in love with it right away, and I've already done some commercial work so if everything goes according to plan that's what I will be doing in the future. Fingers crossed.

What type of music do you listen to?
Would it be considered cheating if I were to say "all types of music"? Kind of a cop-out, but it's true. If I had to choose it would probably be hip-hop and jazz at the moment. Music used to be my biggest passion so I´ve been exposed to many different types of genres and there´s some greatness in all of them. I still play some instruments, sing and also dabble in music production/songwriting - so music is still a big part of my life.

Who/ what inspired you learn about photography?
This one's easy. Charlotte. I've learned everything from her by just observing and copying what she does with a camera and by analysing how she frames and composes images. She also introduced me to Instagram so she's definitely responsible for me catching the photography bug! Nature has also always inspired me and even though I live in a busy city I feel most at home in nature, it's where I collect my energy. 

Your images are in very beautiful locations. How do you discover these locations? Are they places you have visited for years?
In general, I feel most inspired when I discover new places rather than revisit old ones. Most of my current images on Instagram are from a trip me and Charlotte did to Norway in May. It was my first dedicated "photography trip" and also our first time visiting Norway. Even though we've never been there before it's really easy to find good spots in such a beautiful and vast country, there's literally beauty in every direction.

We can’t interview you without talking about the beautiful Charlotte who features in many of your images. What is it like working together and how did that come about?
Of course! Charlotte is my girlfriend. My soulmate. We've been together since forever so it's really easy to work with her, we bring out the best in each other. She's also a photographer so we both know what works and what doesn't even tho we have different styles.

How did you and Charlotte meet?
Long story short, I was studying in southern Sweden (where Charlotte is from) and we met through mutual friends. We then decided to meet over a cup of coffee and it's been me and her ever since. 
What are your aspirations for the future?
Right now I want do content creation for brands and influencers and then maybe get into art direction later. I´m learning video at the moment. The final step is to learn marketing, start my own business and live happily ever after.

What is your favourite time of day to take pictures?
Definitely during "golden hour", the hour right before sunset or after sunrise. Everything just pops and looks harmonious when low, warm light and shadows meet. But I also enjoy the soft light during overcast weather.

Do you have any trips coming up or travel plans for the rest of the year?
I'm exploring northern Sweden next month and the plan is to hike Kungsleden (King's trail). I have a friend up there who works as a guide and a helicopter pilot so I'm sure it's going to be an epic adventure. Then, in September, me and Charlotte are planning to roam northern Italy and the Alps in France/Schweiz.
What are the key things you look for when going on a shoot?
Good light and a background that's not too busy. Then I think of what emotion and mood I want to portray.

What camera do you currently use?
I use a Canon 6D Mark ii. It's gotten a bad rep but I truly love it, it's all I need.

What was your very first camera?
Does the iPhone count? I used to snap photos with that thing all the time before I picked up my first "real camera" about a year ago and that was the Canon EOS M6 (a small mirror-less camera). I loved that little thing and started to learn really fast. But as all insecure men always do, I went out and got something bigger and better only six months later, even tho the M6 was more than I needed at the time.

When off on a shoot, what essentials do you carry in your bag?
Camera, one or two lenses depending on the shoot, a reflector, extra battery and memory card, a light shell-jacket, water and probably a light snack like a banana or an energy bar. No one likes a grumpy person (or a "hangry" person as Charlotte would say).

Do you have any tips or advice for people interested in photography?
I´m not sure I feel comfortable telling people what to do in photography since I´m so new to the medium, but I´d love to share what has at least helped me and my progress. 

Three things come to mind.
First, really get the basics down. Learn the exposure triangle (iso, f-stop & shutter speed) and master your camera, whatever that camera may be. Learn all the little knobs, menus and buttons on it. When you have control over the technical aspects of photography you don´t have to think about it anymore. Then you can just focus on the art and tell your story thru imagery.

Secondly, don't be afraid to fail. Shoot in manual mode and fail, a lot, until you learn why you failed.

Lastly, I would encourage people to study and copy better photographers. You learn so much by doing that! It really worked for me in music and the same seems to be true in photography. Then, hopefully, you´ll develop your own style over time. I think another, slightly more famous, Pablo said something similar...
To discover life through Pablo’s eyes visit his Instagram page and website:



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