Not just another work bag | The Portland Messenger

Smart enough for a shirt but comfortable enough for manic Mondays... and the rest.

The Portland Messenger was first thought up over drinks between the team and friends. At this point we had been focusing on rucksacks and holdalls but a messenger bag was what our collection was missing. Like us, our friends work both in and out the city travelling by car and train. We wanted to create a work bag that could do both.

When designing the Portland, we looked at three key factors. Practicality, style and durability.

1. Practicality

Enough room for the everyday but not over complicated by gimmicks. Thinking about the essentials, the Portland has a padded laptop slip, a spacious main compartment and both internal and external pockets. No messing about. The lining is water resistant and easy to wipe clean for those unsuspected spills. 

2. Style

A classic is called a classic for a reason. 
Cross body strap with padding, neat rectangle shape with a fold down opening. There is no point in making an over-complicated design when you can't beat a timeless classic. Sticking with this shape we ensured our style shines through in our premium fabrics and details. British leather, dry aged waxed cotton, basket weave nylon, all complimented by our antique silver metal fittings. 

3. Durability

Not just for show.
Whilst the fabrics and fittings we use have an authentic charm and certain style, they are definitely NOT style over substance. Our leather is tough. Our ballistic nylon is strong and our waxed cotton is weatherproof. These are not fragile fabrics you need to be precious over!




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