The Thorndale Journey

Thorndale began its story in 1957 with the aim to find the perfect mix of being both practical and stylish. Practicality has always been at the heart of the brand, hence the name Thorndale - Thorndale relates to the strong and durable fabric used on the outerwear to make the garment “Thornproof”.

Being a British heritage brand at its heart, Thorndale is all about embracing British made luxury with handcrafted manufacturing at the core of its production process.

Although Thorndale itself has evolved throughout the decades, the heritage behind the brand has remained the same. The brand has now moved forward with the aim to incorporate the durability of the fabrics but make them relevant to today’s customer. Now specialising in a new line of bags, the manufacturers of Thorndale continue to produce exceptional products with premium craftsmanship and presidential quality to this day.

Thorndale’s new line of bags incorporate what the customer of today needs, from padded laptop cases to spacious tote bags, Thorndale have created a new up to date modern interpretation of classic designs.

All Thorndale bags are manufactured in the heart of Staffordshire by devoted and talented technicians, any questions please feel free to contact us –

hisotry of thorndale
Thorndale garment label

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