Our Story

As a brand, Thorndale offers so much more than just bags. With years of expert knowledge, family ethos and quality conscious minds, Thorndale understands the fundamental importance of British manufacturing.

Made with devotion and years of experience, Thorndale offers the best of British quality craftsmanship to be enjoyed for many years to come.

From humble beginnings in 1957 the roots of Thorndale have always remained in the heart of Staffordshire, England.

Originally creating outerwear, Thorndale’s founder established the brand from the back room of a small clothing shop. The increasing demand for high quality garments meant that in addition to producing our own products, our founder opened his doors to a new manufacturing business.

After many years of running an extremely successful UK business it was time to revive the Thorndale brand. In 2012 the family decided to give life back to the brand and live out the dream of our late chairman and founder of the company.

Many years were spent re-inventing and rejuvenating the brand and a dedicated team was introduced to Thorndale to share the vision. In 2014, Gina Wilkes was appointed Head of Design for Thorndale and her direction for the brand brings Thorndale’s new collection to where it is today. Despite new branding and designs, Thorndale pays homage to its roots in choice of fabrics and traditional techniques.

Thorndale now runs alongside the thriving manufacturing business, which is one of the largest clothing textiles manufacturers in England. Although Thorndale itself has evolved throughout the decades, our heritage remains the same. Now specialising in a new line of bags, we continue to produce exceptional products with premium craftsmanship and presidential quality to this day.

hisotry of thorndale
Thorndale garment label
Thorndale garment label
hisotry of thorndale

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